How’d you like your fish heads

by admin on August 20, 2014

My attention span is shot to pieces.
I am the “MTV generation”.
Our brains have been turned to mush and our ability to concentrate has been destroyed by television.
Of that, I have no doubt.
What’s all that got to do with fish heads?
Well back in the day MTV had a catchy tune that went…
“Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads, fish heads fish heads eat them up – yum!”
I heard that song for the first time in years earlier today and it reminded me of this lack of attention we all have.
In fact I strongly believe it’s why so many people fail with diets and exercise plans.
I believe it’s why so many people are going no where!
We get bored too quickly.
It means exercise programs – whether it is a two week thing or a 90 day body transformation – rarely work because we just can’t last the distance.
We get bored and move on.
It’s no wonder diets fail.
And it’s no wonder exercise rarely works.
People quit, give up and move on far too easily these days.
What we need is more discipline and greater determination.

We need to be a little bit tougher.
If you’re going to embark on a new program then stick to it and don’t look at another until you have given it a good 30 day trial.
It doesn’t matter if it’s good, bad, too easy or too hard.
Stick to it and, ideally, finish it.
Only try a new program when you’ve completed the one you’re on.
I’m deadly serious.
Quitting before you complete something is really bad.
Finishing something builds character, builds confidence and gets results.
Back to fish heads.
I’m against most supplements but there is one exception.
If there’s a supplement that’s worth taking its fish oil.
Forget crazy fat loss pills and magic weeds from the depths of the Amazonian rain forest.
Start taking omega-3 fish oil.
The reason is simple.
Every cell in your body has a cell membrane that’s made with fat.
It’s why you must have good fats in your diet.
Better quality fats in yours diets improve the quality of your cell membranes which improve your metabolism, your energy use and your fat burning potential.
Take an omega-3 fish oil.

These omega-3 fats also turn on fat burning genes and turn off fat storing genes.
The only people who don’t need a fish oil supplement are people already eating a lot of omega-3 rich foods.
If you’re not getting your omega-3 oils then try some.
It’s the only supplement you really need.


It’s not your fault you’re fat

by admin on August 19, 2014

I have a scary fact for you today.
Back in 1962 only 13% of the US population was obese.
In 2010 it was over 35%.
That’s just obese people.
The overweight population is much, MUCH higher.
As in – over the half the adult population is overweight.
That’s a scary statistic.
It has implications for our health and our health care costs.
And it has even bigger implications for our children.
Sure, some of this is our fault.
I mean…
No one is making us eat more and more.
And no one is making us eat processed, refined products (I refuse to call these things – food).
Someone out there is manipulating us, taking advantage of us and playing tricks with our minds and our bodies.
You see processed foods don’t make us feel full in the same way as real foods do.
And the food companies know it.
In fact they engineer their products that way.

The jargon is satiety – that means a feeling of fullness. Whole foods make us feel full. Products pretending to be food don’t.
It’s as simple as that.
The manufacturers of these products want us to eat more (there’s money in it for them) and they want us to believe that low-fat, ready-made meals and all the other junk they sell are perfectly healthy alternatives to cooking for scratch.
It is utter non-sense.
Then you have the media and the clothing industry in on it too.
They are normalizing being overweight.
They’re using bigger and bigger mannequins in shop windows.
They’re changing the labelling of clothing so while you think you might be wearing a small or a medium shirt it is in fact a large.
Sneaky, little salesmen.
These companies are trying to disguise the fact that we are getting fatter and fatter.
Then you have the TV.
When a TV documents the sad stories of super-obese people getting loaded onto trucks and unable to walk it makes overweight people look normal.
Compared with the super-obese, fat people look healthy.
These programs are unrepresentative of the overweight population and they are blurring our vision of what it means to be a normal, healthy weight.
Business – it would appear – is against us.
From loading our foods with sugar and marketing soda to our children these companies aren’t interested in your health.

They’re just interested in taking the dollars from your pocket and they will do anything to get them.
Even if it means putting over half of the population at risk of illness and premature death – they want your money!
It’s criminal and it’s time this ended.
It’s time we start to stand up and take responsibility.
It’s time to turn off the TV and ignore what the media say.
It’s time to vote with your dollars.
Big companies chase money and every time you buy whole food and make healthy choices you’re making a vote for these types of products.
If enough of us stop buying products and start buying food – whole food, real food, healthy food – then big business will have to change and adapt.
They need your money to survive.
So take it away from them.
Vote with your dollars.
The media and the big food companies ARE out to get us and the only way you can win the fight is to hit them where it hurts – in their profits.
It’s time for change.


Your stress levels

by admin on August 18, 2014

Let’s talk about stress.
It isn’t just something you feel.
It’s not just that anxious feeling and tightness in your chest.
When you’re stressed your body releases stress hormones.
Cortisol, for example.
And it’s not just work and relationship type stress that releases it.
Cutting your calories with extreme diets can trigger the release of stress hormones too.
But so what?
So what if you got stress hormones kicking about your body 24/7?
Well they can curb fat loss for one.
The stress hormone cortisol can actually increase your body fat storage and if you’re stressed out all day long that’s not a good thing.
So even if you’re training…
And even if you’ve got your diet dialed in, stress could be holding you back.
It’s well worth thinking about.
So what can you do about it?
Well take time to de-stress.
Take time out to mediate, exercise, and spend time with the

Do something that stops your thinking too much.
Do something that slows you down for a second.
And remind yourself that this game; this life isn’t a rehearsal and you only get one shot to ENJOY it in all its glory.
So get out there and have some fun.
Lower your stress levels, lose some weight and live a little.