9 Amazing tips for Fiverr success

Here are some amazing tips to your success on Fiverr website

1. Write an article on the benefits of an end result that people will get when
buying your gig and submit to article directories. Don’t forget to direct them
to your blogspot blog where you go in to detail about your gig and place a
prominent link(big font) to your Fiverr gig page.

2. Make a Youtube video about your gig and share it on your facebook timeline.


3. Add a line in your description that says ‘In case you are not happy with
what I deliver please PM me I will try to help you make it better’ it will
help you to avoid negative feedback.

4. Choose your profile name carefully if you are going to be offering multiple
gigs then choose a broad niche name for instance a name like ‘Videoguysean’
can be used if all your gigs are related to creating and distributing videos.

5. Try to deliver your gig as quick as possible within 24 hours is ideal but
if you are not sure mention in the description that they will usually get it
within 24 hours but your TAT is 3 days.

6. Make your gig stand out from the crowd by using a paid stock image. Yes,
many people use royalty free images but if you are planning to build a good
reputation a nice photo will always boost your crediblity.

7. Once you reach the next level use the ‘gig extras’ to your advantage. This
is where you can ask your buyers to buy extra gigs to add value to your
primary service.

8. Join Fiverr groups on social networks to increase exposure for your gig.
9. Model the successful gigs and see what top sellers are doing differently
and implement them in your own gig also pay attention to customer feedback see
what they particularly liked about the gig.

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Fun and Profit with PLR business

PLR business is a profitable business model and does not require one to be an expert in any field to make money online one  does have to spend hundreds of hours in front of computer writing content, creating graphics, Writing the sales letter instead the person can get ready made materials that he/she can customize a little bit upload and start making sales. Until now there was a huge problem people were not getting high quality material meaning the info was good but was not done by professional so people were reluctant to put their names on it or sometimes the content was really good but it did not have the essentials to turn it in to a profit. I’m talking about graphics, logos and other stuff. So, the person who purchased the material had to contact the outsources to create sales pages, logos and had to spend hundreds of dollars even before making the first sale. But now with HQ PLR people can get high quality PLR with all the essential components i.e professional graphics, high converting salesletter, squeeze pages, Yes even follow up emails and much much more Check out the offer here it is now offered to the introductory price.

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Benefits of using photos

The images show up in the search engine which means extra traffic

You can Pin the images on Pinterest – again extra traffic

You can post on Social networking sites and stand out from other posts in the timeline

You can watermark your website URL in the images for more exposure

It adds value to what you write and helps the reader understand what it is all about.

As you can see there are lot of benefits of using these photos in your marketing. Otherwise why do you think the Gurus have eye-catching photos everywhere on their website? – it works! plain and simple.


Your Own Book on Amazon in a few days

Have you always dreamed of writing your own book? Did you know that there are thousands of people who get their books written in only a few days. You might think writing a book will takes months if not years. In fact,  that’s true if you want to write one of those NY Times Bestsellers but what if you could write a book with little efforts only in a few days? How many books will you write? Forget that, how about writing your first book and putting up on Amazon for the whole world to see?  Click Here to learn about the system

Here are some facts why you should consider writing your own books

In today’s world it is one of the best ways to get your name out there especially if you are in business

Writing a book can open many gates of opportunities in the form of customers, joint venture partners or even to a high paid consultant job.

Amazon takes care of shipping your book so you don’t have to run from pillar to post to sell your books you can do everything from the comfort of your home.

If you are interested in speaking gigs your book could be your calling card.

As an author, you will gain more respect and your words will have more weight.

And for those of you who want to leave something valuable to the world when you are gone – a book is the one of the best gift you can give to world




Is Youtube the new Facebook?

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Grocery selling on Amazon

When it comes to selling on Amazon one might think they have to sell computers, printers or heavy equipment. Fortunately that is not the case you can sell whatever you want that can be listed on Amazon. For instance, cookies, candys, shampoos, deodorants, etc. In fact a person is selling groceries on Amazon successfully  you can read about that here

The above link will take you to the warrior forum where this training is offered at a special discount. With Amazon FBA it has become much easier to sell products like this without having to maintain the inventory. You can order products from the sourcing sites and ask them to deliver it directly to Amazon warehouse. When a customer orders your product it gets shipped directly from Amazon warehouse to customer’s house.

Amazon affiliate Vs Amazon vendor

While you can earn up to 6% commisions (in most cases) as an affiliate on Amazon. You can increase your earnings by becoming a vendor. As an affiliate you have to focus on ranking each product you are promoting whereas as an Amazon seller you have to focus only on ranking 2 or 3 products so your efforts can be channeled towards ranking your own product line.

Ranking your products is not hard once you know some ranking tactics some knowledge of SEO might help but since you have to rank within the Amazon marketplace you don’t have to know advanced SEO concepts.

With that said I would highly recommend you  consider selling on physical products on Amazon to boost up your revenue. There are lot of average people selling successfully on Amazon. So why not you?



A Hard look at shiny object syndrome

What I’m about to share with you is simple yet powerful it may well hold the key to your success in Internet marketing. My hope is that you will be inspired and do the right things after reading this.
But my main purpose for writing this post is to simply clear up a common myth that I see every day in forums and blogs
It all started with a cute name that some marketers gave to IM products called “The shiny product syndrome” What do I mean?

Well, it seems that we’ve developed a distaste for the act of purchasing multiple products.

What’s wrong with that?

I say it’s not.

If you’re an Internet marketer and you buy a lot of Internet marketing books, videos, and memberships – provided you’re applying the techniques to up your game then it is not a cost it is an investment.
Whoever takes his/her profession seriously would invest in learning and mastering their craft because they know they will be using the techniques or tools to speed up their development.

Think about it. What kinds of books and videos will you find in an MMA fighter’s home?

How about a professional rodeo rider? A doctor? A lawyer? A physicist?

See what I’m talking about?

If you’re a professional IMer, or even if you just aspire to be, then you should be building up your library, actively consuming the material, and incorporating the best ideas and practices into your own business.

Do you agree?

Of course, the strategies will be effective especially if it comes from someone who has done what you want to do before
All you have to do is apply the good stuff and trash what is not required.
The more you do the better you get at it.
Never be afraid to test something out that’s how you will learn and get ahead of others who are only talking about doing stuff.
Get this, if you think you can get all the secrets to make a million dollars in one ebook, audio or video course then I’m sorry that ain’t going to happen. You have to surround yourself with resources that can speed up your progress in the IM field.

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Income Blueprint by Kory Pearman

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The techniques discussed in this blueprint are cutting edge and do not rely too much on Google updates so you can be rest assured that following this blueprint will not get you penalized by Google unlike some black hat SEO techniques.


How to make money connecting business and service providers

Contrary to what many people think internet is not one huge collection of websites that everyone knows about. It is in fact like a group of islands and the person on one island does not know about the other terrain. This is good for you if you want to play the middleman and make some extra cash for connecting businesses looking for services and people who are providing the services.

The beauty of the internet is the differential pricing available on different websites. For instance, a gig for logo design might cost you $47  on one website but the same can be done for $5 or $10 on other sites. Can you see the possibilities now? If not, see it in live action here

The link above will take you to a software that can speed up the process of playing the middleman and make money without lot of effort. You just enter the keywords like flyer design, press release writing, social media marketing and the software then goes to work and pulls the results from a popular classified ads website. Once you have identified the gig then you go to sites like Fiverr or Gig bucks then find the relevant service by doing a simple search. Once you have identified the right gig with good feedback you go back to the classified ads website and contact the ad poster and offer the service. To continue with our logo design example you get paid $47 and you on;y pay $5 to get the logo then hand it over to the ad poster. By doing this you made $42 without you having to do any work. This is a legitimate way to make money because the business person wants the logo and you are delivering at a price that they are willing to afford.