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From the desk of Mano Rame


Dear Frustrated Marketer


In a few short minutes, you are about to Discover the formula that is used by six figure earners to make INSANE amounts of cash every single day.


But first things first who am I and why should you listen to me


My name is Mano Rame and I started in internet marketing in 2005 and I’m Embarrassed to admit I failed miserably in those days .

Yes, I was one of those old timers and I have had more than my fair share of troubles in those days. ..but not anymore at least not what I have discovered in the recent months. 

In those days. I used to loooong for someone to come along and tell me ‘this is how it is done’ had it been the case I would have made well over six figures with half the effort I exerted during those unsuccessful years but as they say ‘everything happens for a reason’ had I not persisted after so many hardships I wouldn’t ve discovered about what I’m going to share with you today 

But GET this the discovery  did not happen in one day it took numerous painful years without success  so pay close attention I don’t want you to go through the same and if you ACT today you can get this at the lowest price humanly possible. 

Here’s what’s important  if you apply what are about to learn in this course you can literally write your own s that powerful but you must ACT now because this is not going to be here too long.

Anyway to let you in on this  I must tell you my whole view about marketing changed that day but as I went month after month year after year with no success years of grueling struggles but one day at last I decided that I’m going to learn  whatever it takes to succeed in this thing called internet marketing to make a long story short I ethically spied the six figure earners and I even spent  around $1000 towards research to know their insider secrets,

 Initially, I was not happy to spend that much money I was like most people  I always thought all the information to succeed online was freely available in the form of articles and videos on Youtube so I didn’t think it would be something I already knew… but when the results came in… what I discovered shocked me…my mind was turned upside down… it completely changed  how I view marketing and making money online. Anyway enough about me…see the reason I’m writing to you is I want you in on this okay..  Why? Because if you have taken the time to read this far it shows that you are REALLY serious about  making money online and I’m here to help you…


Allow me to explain…


Have you ever wondered how some people are able to make thousands of dollars by simply sending a short email while others struggle to make even a dime? And on top of that the people who are ignorant  but work hard are the ones that meet with failure after failure and get frustrated?


You don’t have to go through this….


Would you like to know how the first group is able to make so MUCH money with very little effort?


It is so simple…..


They do certain things in a certain way and they keep doing it again and again


They don’t reinvent the wheel…They don’t try to be creative…They follow a proven system and the MONEY just rolls in…


What If I told you or BETTER yet show you how they work their magic


How much WILL it be worth to You?


How much WILL You finally make?





Wise Guy List Building

A Complete Video course that breaks down the system used by six figure earners


Finally become the made guy…so to speak


Okay let me tell you how this name ‘Wise Guy list building’ came about There was a movie that I rented out the other day called Good Fellas. Actually, this movie was based on a novel - Wiseguy I’m sure you know it is a classic and just in case you are a a movie freak  you already know that it tops the IMDB charts. So back to what I was saying…While I was watching that movie there was this one particular scene that got my attention it is where this guy Joe Pesci brings in a new member to the gang and you know how they don’t take him in at first and then they realize the guy is REAL and they all have fun together and also one more scene you know where these gangsters hangout near some musty old building on the corner of the road and you know.. these guys they just move around like…. no one can mess with them While I was watching those scenes I thought in many ways the internet marketing community is like that Now…don’t get me wrong I don’t mean that internet marketers are a bunch of bad guys roaming on the streets, smoking pot. Far from that they are the ones that help customers to select good products, help the merchants to display the product to a wider audience. So on and so forth…The reason I brought up the scenario is if you are new to online marketing or you are not achieving the success you always deserved…then you simply need to know the inside scoop…


Here’s what you will learn in this course that I personally put together for people like you


F.Y.I This course is broken down in to 5 easy-to-follow  Videos Plus a Bonus Video


Video#1 The Bird’s eye video

This is where I show you the overall picture of how everything works together. I’ll be covering the gist of the upcoming videos for easier understanding.


Video #2

Here I will show you how to look for products that are in high demand so that you can know if your product will be a winner even before you write the first word.


Video #3

Once you have decided on the niche it is time to create the product. I show you two simple ways to create a product that even a 12 year old could do no previous experience necessary here


Video #4

Here I show you two best places you can sell your product and how to optimize the launch so that you get hundreds of people to promote for you.


Video# 5

This video is about getting traffic to your offer so that you can make more sales don’t worry you don’t have to do all the hard work


Bonus Video

This is a video that covers some cool tips you can use in your business and personal life for better results


Your Pass to Financial Freedom


A complete Step-by-Step video course that shows you the insider secrets of the six figure earners so that you can Legally ‘copy’ their methods to make INSANE profits


Here’s What You Don’t Need if you apply the methods


No Previous Marketing Experience

No complicated SEO techniques

No Breaking your head with terms like LSI, Gravity, Split test


IMPORTANT: This is not a software this is complete course that reveals the secrets of six figure earners.


Here’s a taste of what you will learn


One aspect you should always pay attention to when analyzing demand


Why Owning a  ______ is the most important thing to do in your business


How to come up with product ideas the easy way..STOP banging your head against the wall I will show you how.


What formats you should create your product in and what you should avoid if you are getting started…choose the wrong format and you end up spinning wheels for years


How to ‘write’ your own profit-pulling sales letter even if you have no experience


One secret ingredient that all successful products have in common


How you should leverage the efforts of others to make more money without you doing all the grunt work


And much much more….


But hurry this offer isn’t going to be here for a long time. Once in a blue moon this type of courses are released and are pulled back quickly due to the nature of profitable information….Don’t Miss out


I seriously believe that once you go through the course you will be finally surprised to discover  how simple it is to make money online. Finally cut through all the B.S and get the insider secrets of the six figure earners and beat them at their own game


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Oh I Almost Forgot


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30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Yes, you are protected by a No questions asked 30 day moneyback guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason just drop me an email at just replace AT with @ ….and I’ll refund every penny you paid because that’s how I roll


You have nothing to lose……Everything to gain


Go ahead order the product download the videos and watch them and finally discover the secret of six figure earners.


P.S To be fair to the early birds I reserve the right to raise the price of this product so get it before it is gone at this price


P.P.S This is a video course that breaks down the secret of six figure earners don’t miss out this special offer the knowledge you gain from watching this course is like your OWN license to create money on demand

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